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Welcome to Uffes Gjutformar – molds for casting in concrete and plaster!

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I make molds in latex for casting in concrete or plaster. They are handmade with the highest of quality and are very unique!

Since 2015-01-01 I run this company that has specialized on manufacturing and sell handmade and unique latex molds for casting in concrete, plaster, chocolate or whatever you feel like!
Every mold can take upto a week to complete since you have to be careful not to get air trapped in bubbles inside the mold, and also every layer must have time to fully dry before you can put on the next one.

By clicking “Butik/Shop” in the menu, you get to see all the available categories !

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Casting in concrete - Uffes Gjutformar - Follow me on Facebook Casting in concrete - Uffes Gjutformar - Follow me on Instagram Casting in concrete - Uffes Gjutformar - Follow me on Twitter

All prices in the shop are shown including VAT.
At the checkout, after you have chosen your country, you will see the price excluding VAT if you live outside of EU.

Out of stock.
This means the mold is temporarily out of stock, and a new one is being made. If you wish, you can use the option to get an alert when a new mold is done. Just enter your email address and klick the button “Notify me” and you will receive an email as soon as it’s back in stock.

Non Swedish customers can use Paypal/Credit card or Direct Bank Transfer for easy and secure payment.
By using Paypal/Credit card you can pay in your own currency even though all the prices in the shop are in Swedish Crowns.

Direct Bank Transfer – This payment method is intended for foreign customers who do not want to, or are not able to, use the Paypal/Creditcard option.

Note: During checkout all prices will be shown in SEK. The Currency Switcher will not work here.

I ship to all countries at a dynamic price depending on the weight of the package, starting at about 14 EUR.
I reserve the right to adjust the shipping price if necessary.

Uffes Gjutformar is encrypted using SSL on all pages, and of course so are the shopping-cart and checkout.

Handling personal data
The information you provide when ordering is stored in conjunction with the order and is only used to process your order, such as invoicing and delivery as well as book keeping. Your contact details will be forwarded to the shipping company so that address labels can be created, but they are not stored. Likewise, your information is sent to the payment service you have chosen to use in your purchase, but otherwise it is not used for any other purpose. If you have chosen to subscribe to my newsletter, your e-mail address will be saved for this purpose, but you can easily cancel your subscription using the link found at the end of each mail.

Right to withdraw
If you change your mind and want to return the goods, you can do so, but of course you must not have used the items.
You will have to pay for the return shipment yourself.
For you to be able to use your right to withdraw, you must let me know within 14 days after receiving the package.
Money will be returned if its clear that the goods are in its original state and have not been used in any way.

If you have any complaints about a mold you must let me know within 3 months from the date of the order, or no return will be made.
The mold is hand made in natural rubber and is made to last a long time, however it’s not going to last forever since concrete is corrosive in its nature, and can wear out the mold faster or slower depending on the mold itself and the make of the concrete.

Returned packages
If I get packages sent back to me because the customer failed to collect it at the post office in time, it will not be refunded.

Damaged goods
If you find that the package is damaged upon arrival, you must let the postalservice know immediately. Do not claim a damaged packaged.
If you don’t realize it’s damaged until after you have claimed the package, and the damage can be connected to the postal or transportservice, you must contact them.
If the damage is not visible on the outside, you must let me know within 5 days of receiving the package or you will not get refunded.

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Mail: uffe@uffesgjutformar.se
Telephone: +46-763-446601

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you find something that will suit you!

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